How to create this site with Franklin.jl

Julia language should be present on your PC, refer to the Julia website for installation instructions.

Franklin is a simple, customisable static site generator written in Julia.

Here you have the instructions to install it and bootstrap your project.

# go to your project directory
cd ~/dev/julia/mywebsite
# launch Julia
# activate package manager
julia> ]
# activate project environment
(@v1.6) pkg> activate .
# add Franklin package to the project environment
(mywebsite) pkg> add Franklin

Quit package manager pressing Ctrl-c

julia> using Franklin
# create the skeleton of your site
julia> newsite("openjph", template="hyde")
# launch the integrated webserver
julia> serve()

You can now open your browser at http://localhost:8000.

The site is automatically refreshed as soon as you edit the files of your new website. Markdown, HTML, css is all what you need to build it.

# useful instructions (see documentation)
julia> serve(clear=true)
julia> verify_links()
julia> optimize()